Amerie Nose Job Before After Photos

Amerie Mi Marie Rogers or Amerie Nose Job before after Photos is displayed here so that you can easily compare her natural and plastic nose. By comparing her nose job pictures you will be more satisfied about her nose job. Beside pictures reasons for her nose job and result of Amerie nose job plastic surgery is available here. Celebrities are gone under knife these days to fix the natural issues with her natural nose and to customize her nose according to her own wish. Similarly Amerie also decided to go under knife for a nose job to fix her nose which can be more suitable with her face. She was born on 12th January, 1980 at Washington D.C, United States to Mi Suk (her Artist Mother) and Charles (her father). Amerie attended Georgetown University to study literature. During her studies she met with a Club promoter Rich Harrison. Later in 2002 she makes her debut single “why don’t We Fall in Love”. This single got mixed reviews and it becomes top ten HOT R&B/ Hip Hop Songs and Hot Dance Play Chart. Since that time, Amerie has sung Hip Hop and contemporary songs and raising her worldwide fame. Alongside singing Amerie has also done her performances in acting field. In 2011 she was married with Lenny Nicholson.

Hence this is a short introduction about Amerie early, personal and professional life and now we will talk about Amerie Nose Job before after photos.

Amerie Nose Job Before After Photos

Amerie Nose Job Before After Photos, pictures


Amerie Nose Job

Amerie Nose Job before after Photos is main objective which are actually disclosing her nose job. In 2013 when she was working on her upcoming album “I Love It Vol. 2” she started that “this time I not only release an album but also amaze my fans with something different. So later in 2014 this album was released with her new pictures. All of her fans and critics point out their fingers towards her nose and claims that Amerie has under gone by a nose job surgery. Her natural nasals were so wider and thicker. She just gets nose job to refine her nasals and nose tip. After nose job her nose is becomes more compatible with her face and it is looking more natural and original as it is not gone under knife for a nose job. If you closely compare her before and after pictures you will be clarify that how beautifully she has done her nose job.

Amerie Nose Job Before After Photos

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