Amy Childs Cosmetics Plastic Surgery Before And After Lip Fillers Photos

Amy Childs cosmetics plastic surgery before and after lip fillers photos have examined here. Amy has been captured for getting lip fillers injections at London Fashion Week event on 18th September a day after defending herself against controversy for being hypocrite. The former TOWIE star Amy has announced her decision for taking a part in hard-hitting campaign against cosmetics surgeries on 17th September on which many of her fans, followers and critics claims that she is a hypocrite. Amy has immediately addressed these claims a day ago but now just one day after she is again captured with plumed and overlapping pout that is sparking lip fillers injections which is a type of cosmetic surgery.

Amy Andrea Childs or Amy Childs was born on 7th June, 1990 at Barking, London, England to Billy (her father) and Julie (Her mother). She attended the Raphael Independent School and obtain four GCSE qualifications. She came into public acclaimed in 2010 after she was starred in reality TV show “The Only Way is Essex”. After that she start appearing in “Celebrity Big Brother”, “It’s All about Amy’ and “The Jump”. Amy has won and nominated for various awards and is successful in a huge fans following on her social pages like twitter, instagram pages. Now recently she controversy is been travelled about her campaign against cosmetics surgery but taking lip fillers injections.

Amy Childs Cosmetics Plastic Surgery Before And After Lip Fillers Photos

Amy Childs Cosmetics Plastic Surgery Before And After Lip Fillers Photos

Amy Childs Campaign against Cosmetics

Amy has announced her campaign named “Are You dying to be Beautiful” along with her TOWIE co-star Danielle Armstrong. She posted her photo on her instagram page in a coffin to demonstrate that going under the knife to improve appearance can be life threatening (photo shown below). She wrote a long description along with this photo to advice young and impressionable girls and boys that never rush with plastic surgeries to get improved their appearances, it could harm your life and can ruined you in all the way. She said these surgeries that “going under the knife for attaining beauty could be life threatening”.

On hearing and reading about Amy’s anti cosmetic campaign, many of her fans and critics were shocked and said that she has already been a victim of plastic surgeries and she is still use to with cosmetics. So the controversy was raised is – “how a person who is involved in some activity by his own can stop other to do so?” On this she was called as Hypocrite by her fans and critics.


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Amy Childs Lip Fillers Injections

As I have wrote above that Amy has hit back the controversy by her critics for being a charlatan or hypocrite on instagram a day ago on 17th September. Now after a day when she hit the LFW event on Saturday night her lips were sparking lip fillers injection which is a type of cosmetics surgery. She was wearing black jump suite and sported heavy make-up at the bash with a slick of pink lipstick on her extremely plump pout. Seeing this may of her fans and critics are claiming that she has undergone for lip fillers injections which is a major type of cosmetics surgery. Here below of this passage I have put on view Amy Childs lip fillers before and after photos and I asked that what you say about her new pout? Is she really a hypocrite or this is just because of her heavy lip make-up? Share your reviews with us via comment box below of this passage.


Hence this is all about Amy Childs cosmetics plastic surgery before and after lip fillers photos. Just keep on tuned with this page to get any further news/ report about Amy Childs plastic surgery. As soon as we get any further news or report about her surgery work we will share with you right here on this page along with her then and now photos.

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