How Long Does It Take To Recover From Rhinoplasty Surgery

If you want to know that how long it takes to recover from rhinoplasty surgery then here at this post, we will be giving you the detailed information! To recover from rhinoplasty surgery, it actually depends on many of the factors like your job and also your comfort level that will be around your nose, if you have been feeling bruising or swelling then a recovery timeline will be extended! It depends the nature of your  skin your own care for your surgery and the type of surgery you have had like if you have done a close rhinoplasty for thinner your nose then it take some congestive time period for recurred while if you adopt an open rhinoplasty or simple tissue therapy it will take re congestive time period accordingly. So keep reading this article for day by day recovering from a nose job surgery.

 How Long Does It Take To Recover From Rhinoplasty Surgery

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Rhinoplasty Surgery

Day 1 to Day 7 Recovery

Right in the first week of this surgery, you will be able to start recovering from rhinoplasty surgery. You have to wear a cast right on your nose and it has to be or seven days, you will be feeling quite congested for atleast three to seven days. You will also be feeling a slight kind of discomfort when your swelling will be reaching its height at the Day 3. Right at the day 7, your cast will be removed. It will be better for you to take one week off if you do not want to see bruising and also swelling on your face.

Day 8 to Day 14 Recovery

 In the second week of rhinoplasty surgery, you will be able to recover more! You will then be able to see that the dissolvable sutures right in your nose will be able to come out on their own at the Day 10. Your swelling will be completely disappear and you will also be able to return to your normal activities .

Day 15 to Day 21 Recovery

In the third week of rhinoplasty surgery, you will be able to see some subtle changes right in your nose. You will also be noticing that the tip of your nose will start getting a refined shape. You will be able to easily hide all of your incision that are still that bit red.

Day 22 and beyond Recovery time

 Right in the last week of this rhinoplasty surgery, you will no longer be able to see your incision, you will be completely healed, there will be no swelling right at the tip of your nose. You will also be able to continue to see those subtle changes in your nose.

So, this is how long does it take to recover from rhinoplasty surgery, stay tuned with us and we will be telling you more about the recovery time of rhinoplasty surgery.

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