Iggy Azalea Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before And After Face

Did Iggy Azalea get a nose job? Seeing her on Billboard Music Awards in May 2015 many believes that the Australian rapper has gone under the knife for fixing her nose and many asserted that her jaw line is also looking slightly different then of her before appearance she has been since 2011 to 2015. So lately in August she has declared that she underwent the knife and she is not shay to acclaim this surgery. Here we have compared her nose job before and after face photos and her own comments on her surgery for your better comparison.

Amethyst Amelia Kelly born on 7th June, 1990 at Sydney, Australia to father Brendan Kelly and mother Tanya. She starts rapping at the age of 14 during the school with two neighborhood girls and forms a group I’ll be Left Eye. Later in 2006 her musical career was start in Miami Florida but that time she was not as famous as a good ranked rapper on the town level. Meanwhile someone from inters cope records who kept encouraging her to move to Los Angeles as he believes that her voice will come on surface there in Los Angeles and she decided to go there and her throughout musical career was start there and day by day peoples start knowing her she raised her name and fame gradually and become the top ranked Australian rapper singer and songwriter.

Iggy Azalea Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before And After Face

Iggy Azalea Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before And After Face

Iggy Azalea Nose Job

Formerly after confessing her breasts implants in March the 25 years old Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has enlighten her nose job (rhinoplasty) surgery to Seventeen Magazine as she posted up for a photo shoot in august. According to her own reviews she had no intention to hide her nose job plastic surgery as that would be ‘lame’.

As I have wrote in top above passage that the rumors start streaming on social media after her appearance at the Billboard Music Award in May and the communities were whispers about Iggay’s nose and facial features that were looking a bit changed then before. So in this way in August Iggy come at the Seventeen Magazine cover and leave her answer to the conjectures about her nose job and facial treatment.

She Said

“Denying it is lame! I have no intention to hide my nose job”

She added

“According to what I think; you should not be ashamed to confess if you have had a plastic surgery to make changing in your appearance, that’s why I have told about my changes I have made with breasts and nose”

So it is done that Iggy Azalea had a nose job in order to straight the slight bump in her nose bridge and to make the nose tip flatter and sharper straight to the nose bridge as you can see in the following before and after Iggy Azalea nose job images.

Iggy Azalea Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before And After Face

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Iggy Azalea nose job plastic surgery before and after face images are been posted here and examined and we also have share the real story behind her changed face. To get further update and news of Iggy Azalea plastic surgery keep viewing this portal as soon as we receive any further report about Iggay Azalea transformation we will be share here with you along with comparative photos.

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