Jennifer Grey Before and After: Her Plastic Surgery Mishap

Jennifer Grey is the talented actress who stole our hearts with her amazing roles in ‘Dirty Dancing’ and ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.’ She is no stranger to plastic surgery rumors. Over the years, she has undergone a drastic change in her appearance. Jennifer has openly admitted to having plastic surgery and a nose job, which left her almost unrecognizable and really impacted her career.

I went in the operating room as a celebrity and came out anonymous. It was like being in a witness protection program or being invisible.

Jennifer Grey – via The Mirror

Lets look at Jennifer Grey’s before and after photos, exploring her nose job, the plastic surgery mishap, and how she found her way back into the spotlight. It’s a fascinating journey of transformation, setbacks, and resilience.

Jennifer Grey’s Early Life and Career

Before we discuss the changes in Jennifer Grey’s appearance, let’s take a moment to appreciate her young self and her journey in Hollywood. Born on March 26, 1960, Jennifer Grey grew up in a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry. Her father, Joel Grey, is a renowned actor and singer, while her mother, Jo Wilder, is a former actress and singer. With such strong artistic influences, it’s no surprise that Jennifer pursued an acting career.

Jennifer Grey’s Young Look

Jennifer Grey’s girl-next-door look in her younger years really resonated with fans. I would say it played a huge role in her early Hollywood success. There was not a need for stars of that era to have a flawless appearance, and Jennifer’s early look was exactly what people wanted to see. Her expressive eyes, naturally beautiful smile, and signature curly hair made her instantly recognizable and relatable. She WAS the girl next door!

jennifer grey young before nose job
Jennifer Grey young in 1980s with iconic nose

Definitely her most distinguishing feature, however, was her nose. She had a slightly bulbous tip and a noticeable bump on the bridge. This unique characteristic immediately set her apart from other actresses. Everyone remembered who she was, because of her look and she didn’t blend into the background or was easily forgotten. Many of her fans adored this aspect of her look, as it made her more authentic and approachable compared to the cookie-cutter beauty standards in Hollywood.

jennifer grey before plastic surgery
Jennifer Grey before plastic surgery – her look was classic girl-next-door

Her distinctive nose contributed to her success in iconic roles such as Baby in ‘Dirty Dancing’ and Jeanie in ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.’ It’s easy to know that her original appearance played a crucial role in her early career. It captured the hearts of audiences who appreciated and admired her natural beauty and relatable persona.

jennifer grey young

Just look at those pics! Beautiful!

Jennifer Grey’s Nose Job

In the early 1990s, Jennifer Grey made the bold decision to go under the knife for a rhinoplasty. A very common procedure in the Biz. But let me tell you, her nose job really caught everyone’s attention because of the dramatic results. Too dramatic. The surgery not only got removed her characteristic bump on her nose bridge but also noticeably downsized her nasal tip. Fans were disappointed.

Honestly, it was a game-changer for Jennifer, and not really in the positive way she had hoped! The outcome of her decision stirred up a lot of conversations. It’s really interesting to think about how such a seemingly small change can have such a huge impact on someone’s life and career. But hey, that’s Hollywood for you!

Jennifer’s Plastic Surgery Mishap

So, even though Jennifer Grey’s nose job was a success from a technical standpoint, it really shook things up in the worst way. The procedure drastically changed her appearance, to the point where she was almost unrecognizable. Seriously, fans and even colleagues had a hard time identifying her! As you can imagine, her once-thriving career took a major hit. Not what she wanted to say the least!

Jennifer has been super open about her regrets concerning the surgery. She’s referred to it as a “plastic surgery mishap” and hasn’t held back when talking about the huge impact it had on her life and career. And in case you’re wondering, she’s spoken about it quite candidly in interviews, like the one she did with I’ll let her words speak for themselves:

. . . it became the thing, the idea of being completely invisible, from one day to the next. In the world’s eyes, I was no longer me.

Jennifer Grey – via
jennifer grey before and after nose job
Jennifer in 1984 and then in 2018

There was obvious regret, worry and possibly even depression after the surgery fall-out. She lost her identity and most of her career path for a long time.

I went into the ­operating room a ­celebrity and came out anonymous. It was the nose job from hell. I’ll always be this once-famous actress nobody ­recognizes because of a nose job.

Jennifer Grey – via The Mirror

Some people would not have been able to recover from, but she found a way.

Exciting and revealing; she recounts a lot of the struggles she faced and some personal demons and insights in her new book “Out of the Corner”. Her memoir offers a some hard truths about the actress and her personal life.

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“Jennifer Grey peels back all the artifice, denial, obfuscation, and myriad assumptions and exposes a gorgeous, human portrait of her life.”—Jamie Lee Curtis

“We all know Jennifer Grey as a talented actress, but Out of the Corner introduces us to a gifted writer.”—Michael J. Fox

jennifer grey memoir out of the corner

Jennifer Grey’s Comeback and Current Appearance

Despite the major setbacks her plastic surgery caused, let’s give it up for Jennifer Grey. She’s made one heck of a comeback in recent years. Remember her winning the 11th season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ back in 2010? That girl’s still got her ‘Dirty Dancing’ moves! She’s also been in a bunch of TV shows and films since then, showing off her incredible talent and proving she’s a fighter.

jennifer grey beautiful 2012
In 2012 for the Dirty Dancing 25th Anniversary

Now, as for her current appearance, Jennifer Grey is all about keeping it natural. She’s aging like a fine wine, and her beautiful smile and those expressive eyes are still turning heads. Sure, her nose looks different than before the surgery, but Jennifer’s learned to live with the changes and make the most of her situation. You go, girl!

jennifer grey after plastic surgery 2018
Jennifer in 2018 looking fabulous


Taking a look at Jennifer Grey’s before and after photos, you can see she’s gone through a massive transformation. It is what it is, and her nose job is what stands out the most. The procedure turned out to be a plastic surgery mishap and threw her career for a loop. It sucks, but our girl bounced back and still dazzles us with her amazing talent and undeniable grace.

Jennifer’s story is a powerful reminder that when it comes to cosmetic procedures, we really need to think about all of the risks before making those life-altering decisions. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her in the future!

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