Jiyeon Plastic Surgery Before And After Eyelid, Nose Job Photos

Park Jiyeon plastic surgery before and after eyelid, nose job photos have examined here for your better comparison between her then and now appearances. Ji-Yeon or the K-pop girl-group T-ara has been rumored and speculated for having plastics surgery for her eyes and nose but she did never acclaimed for having any surgery. Many of her fans, critics and social spectators have claimed that she has undergone the knife for refining her nose and to customize her eyes but what is the real story behind Jiyeon’s new look is not yet confirmed. Did South Korean singer Jiyeon has had plastic surgery or not. All details are written here below of this passage after a short intro on her life and career. Keep on reading J

Park Ji-yeon was born on 7th June, 1993 at Seul, South Korea and attended the Hyehwa Girl’s High School and then she attended the Lila Art High School to earn an undergraduate degree. After leaving high school she pursue her career towards acting but she realize that she is much merged with singing and tuned toward singing and music classes. Her career was begin with TV dramas in 2007 and she was first time starred in Korean Drama “I Love You Too” and “Hello! Miss”. Later that she appeared in a number movies and variety shows as an actress and singer.

Jiyeon Plastic Surgery Before And After Eyelid, Nose Job Photos

Jiyeon Plastic Surgery Before And After Eyelid, Nose Job Photos

Jiyeon Eyelid Surgery

One of the most controversial rumor of Jiyeon plastic surgery is her eyelid surgery. Fans and critics have claimed that the T-ara has had an eyelid or eyelift surgery to get fuller and popping eyes. Her eyes as you can see in the following image, were so pinched, while now in her after photos you can see that her eyes looks so prominent and wider. Many of her fans have told on social pages in their comments that it is the effect of her smoky eyeliner, while some haters claims that it’s the result of eyelid surgery. Well here I would like to mention you that there is no any confirmation report is available that can prove her plastic surgery. We just have he then and now photos which are presented below.

Jiyeon Plastic Surgery Before And After Eyelid Photos

Jiyeon Nose Job Surgery

Alongside the eyelid surgery rumors Jiyeon has also been captured for getting nose job surgery. Her nose was so tinny and nasals were a bit wider then of her current appearance. I have presented her photos when she was a school girl student comparing with her current photo when she is a famous singer and actress. You can see in these photo that how her nose has been refined and has improved with pointed tip and slight bridge. Over all her new nose looks so comfort and suitable with her face shape.

Jiyeon Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job Photos

Hence this is all about Jiyeon plastic surgery before and after eyelid, nose job photos. In order to get any further report or update about her plastic surgery, just keep in tuned with this page because as soon as I received any further news or report about her plastic surgery I will share with you right here on this page along with her then and now photos.

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