Rob Kardashian Weight Loss Before And After Pictures

Blac Chyna’s fiancée Rob Kardashian weight loss before and after pictures has posted on his instagram and shared with you here below the passage. Here we are also sharing about “how many lbs has Robert Kardashian lose”?  What is the diet and work out plan of Rob for loss his weight 50 lbs in three months, and what are the results after shedding a good number of lbs from his fat. Well – back in December 2015, Rob was rushed to hospital abruptly when his health got worsted. He was treated with a number of medical checkups and diagnosed with ‘ketoacidosis diabetes’. It was such a hectic news for Kardashian’s family for their only son suffering from serious complications of diabetes disease. Doctor told him to get a proper treatment to get recover from this serious disease and after almost a yearlong he not only got recovered but also shed his fat for his love Blac Chyna. So now keep on reading this page for getting details about Rob Kardashian weight loss before and after pictures.

Rob Kardashian Weight Loss Before And After Pictures

Rob Kardashian Weight Loss Before And After

Rob after finding his lady love “Blac Chyna” looks getting svelte since last three months. Now he has officially announced his weight loss journey on his social page. He told that he has shed 50 lbs form his 298 lbs weight and now his current weight is 248 lbs. He also told that he is trying to get lost 50 lbs more to reach his goal of having 200 lbs.

Above all credits to Blac Chyna for being his weight loss motivation and said ‘’She frequently encourage me getting down my weight during I am work, I am eating or even I am on a date with her!”

Rob has posted his weight loss photo on instagram and said –

“Looking from where I Started 300 lbs to my current weight 248 lbs. I am focused to reach my goal weight 200 lbs, Happy I found my motivation (Blac Chyna)”…

Well here below of this passage I have presented Rob’s before and after photos of weight loss. You can see his three months before photo in left side below where his weight was 300 lbs; while in right side photo (he posted on instagram) told that he has lost 50 lbs and now 248 lbs. He looking much motivational and focused in this way. His mother Kris Jenner also appreciate Rober in this way and said that “I am so happy to have my son recovering back to get his weight lost and getting healthier”… Hence it is been expecting that Rob’s mother will accept Blac Chyna now after motivating his son to get healthier. Might their love and affections are strong for each other and the reason for Rob in getting well and looking physically perfect now.

Rob Kardashian Weight Loss Before And After Pictures

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