Yolanda Foster Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster did not hide her plastic surgeries. She has reportedly acclaimed for having breasts implants and facial fillers (Botox injections). She has been a super model of late 19s who holds a worthwhile position in Hollywood Media as well as her appearances in the RHOBH also gives her a huge fame among her fans. Her fans and some haters have seized her for going under the knife for getting various plastic surgeries but she did never acclaimed before 2012 when she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Since that time to now spectators are yet seeking for the details about Yolanda Foster plastic surgery before and after pictures. If you are also searching to get the truth behind RHOBH star Yolanda Foster surgery details, then keep on reading this post after a short glance on her life and career.

Yolanda Van Den Herik is much famous with her name as Yolanda Foster is a Dutch American TV personality and former model born on 11th January, 1964 at Papendrecht, Netherlands. She married to Mohammed Hadid in 1994 and has two daughters Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid and a son Anwar Hadid. Yolanda and Hadid get separated in 2000 and then mother of three got married to David Foster in 2011 and since that time to now she is known renamed as Yolanda Foster.

Yolanda Foster Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Yolanda Foster Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Yolanda Foster Plastic Surgery

Former top model Yolanda has had a breasts reductions surgery in 2013 for healing her Lyme disease. She had a breasts silicone implants surgery to attain bigger boobs. She has told that she opt this surgery for the sake of fame and to maintain her curves but later that it was examined that one of her breasts implants silicone is floating which is dangerous  for her health and life. So she decided to remove these silicone otherwise her Lyme disease will turned to a worse order.

Yolanda Has Shared Her Brasts Implants Removing Surgery Painful Moments In this Picture

Yolanda Foster Breasts Silicone Removing Surgery

Beside breasts implants, she was also use to with Botox and facial collagens. Her doctor told her to stop any fillers like botox otherwise it will exacerbating for her Lyme disease symptoms. Since that time she has stopped for having any surgery because she wants to get recovered from her disease as soon as possible.

After that when she was going to appear in the RHOBH’s October, 2016 episode she take a makeup and said that “I did never have had any filler and did never worn makeup on my face since I have diagnosed with Lyme Disease”. She gives these statements on camera because after this appearance many of her fans and followers were speculating her for having botox and fillers to attain a smoother and line free skin.

Here below of this passage I have presented Yolanda Foster plastic surgery before and after pictures in which you can see that how make up has changed her face and sparking botox and fillers. You are invited to share your reviews in the following comments relating to Yolanda Botox fillers rumors.

Yolanda Foster Plastic Surgery Before And After Makeup Free Photos

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Hence I have discussed all I have about Yolanda Foster plastic surgery before and after pictures. For getting further details about her surgery updates, just keep on tuned with this page because as soon as I get any news about her surgery, I will share with you right here on this page along with her then and now photos.

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