Yoona Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Rhinoplasty/ Nose Job surgery has taken a cavernous place between celebrities in South Korea. One of them Im Yoona has also adopted this plastic surgery which can be compared in her before and after photos displayed here below. Naturally Koreans nose bridge are quizzed and their nostrils are wider and extensive. So to make it pointed and sharper Koreans celebrities take the help of Rhinoplasty surgery. The situation was suffering with Yoona and she wished to have a refined nose that is long bridge and close nasals.

Im Yoona is a South Koran singer and actress born on 30th May, 1990 at Seoul, South Korea. She attend the Daeyoung High School and graduates from here. She was interested to be a singer since her early life when she was a child. So in this way she attached with SM Saturday Open casting for five years and training in singing, dancing and acting. In 2007 she made her first debut as a member of Girls Generation (SNSD) and become the center of the group. Since then to yet she has sings and act for various television dramas such as you are my destiny, Prime Minister and I in 2013. Currently she is working for movie “Goodbye Ani”, where she play a role as Ani.

Yet this is a short introduction of Im Yoona early, personal and professional life. Now below of this passage you will Yoona plastic surgery before and after photos with details.

Yoona Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Yoona plastic surgery before and after photos Yoona Nose Job Plasic Surgery

Yoona is now 25 years old and have gone under the knife for a plastic surgery to make her nose refined. As I have wrote above that in South Korea mostly surgeries reports are about Rhinoplasty or Nose job surgery. I also have reason for it as the Korean nose are tinny, wider and thick round which mostly celebrities do not take it perfect with their appearance. So that is why mostly girls decide to have a plastic surgery. Same situation was anguished with Yoona and she decides to have a nose job surgery and she did it. After taking nose job her nose is slightly pointed and sharper. You can compare this difference in the following before and after photos.

Yoona plastic surgery before and after photos 1

Hence this is all about “Yoona plastic surgery before and after photos”. Stay connected with us to get any further details about Im Yoona plastic surgery along with her before and after photos.

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