Abdominoplasty Before And After Photos

Abdominoplasty, it can also be named as the “tummy tuck, it is a cosmetic surgery procedure, it can make the abdomen thinner, it can make it firm. It is the removal of excess skin, it is the removal of fat from the middle and also from the lower abdomen. If you have loose and also sagging kind of tissues and if you want to have a weight loss then you can go for the abdominoplasty. It is seen that Abdominoplasty operations is subdivided into many categories, it can take from 1 to around 5 hours. If we talk about the partial abdominoplasty then it can be completed between 1 to just 2 hours. If you want to have a look at the photos of abdominoplasty before and after then in this post, we have been sharing the pictures of this abdominoplasty, you can have a look at them:

Abdominoplasty Before And After Photos

Abdominoplasty Before And After Photos

Categories Of Abdominoplasty:

In the complete abdominoplasty, an incision will be made from hip to hip, then the next incision will be made to free the navel, then the skin will be detached right from the abdominal wall. In the partial abdominoplasty, a smaller kind of incision is made, then the skin of the lower abdomen will be detached from the muscle fascia and then the skin will be stretched down. In the extended abdominoplasty, your scar will be running from the posterior axillary line, you will be getting done with the abdominal contouring.

What Is The Recovery Time?

It depends on the surgical techniques, it can take four weeks as the recovery time, you should be avoiding heavy activity during this time. You will be feeling bruising and also discomfort. You will also be wearing a supportive abdominal compression garment, it can then minimize swelling, it can also repair the tissues. You should avoid nicotine for a month during the recovery period. We have seen that the full recovery time is 3–6 months.

We are sure that with the help of these pictures, you have now known that how abdominoplasty has been carried now and what changes can be seen if you will be getting done with this tummy tuck surgery. If you want to have more of the pictures of other surgeries, pictures of nose and lip surgery, their before and after photos then we can give you that, just stay tuned with us and know all about the surgeries.

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