Courteney Cox Face Before And After Plastic Surgery Photo

Have you seen Courteney Cox at Ace Hotel Los Angeles for the Amazon premier of Hand of God Drama serial on Wednesday? If you have then you must be noticed her face that was looking too smooth and altered as she have something done on it such as Botox, cosmetics or something else. How the story is true or these are only speculations is been examined here with the comparison between her before and after photos. So keep reading this article for all the details hiding behind her ever youth face in the age of 51.

Courteney Bass Cox or shortly Courteney Cox born on 15th June, 1964 at Mountain Brook, Alabama, United States to Richard Leis Cox and His wife Courteney. Courteney attend the Montain Brook High School and then Mount Vernon College for graduating in architecture but she left the college without completing her architecture studies in order to pursue her career towards acting and modeling. Well respectively her career was start in 1984 music video and then she start appearing in different television series just as Master of the Universe, Cocoon the Return, the Girlfriend of Alex P, Keaton and Family Ties. Cox has also made her appearance in super hit Hollywood movies and has raised her name and fame as an actress and former model that have won and nominated a number of note able awards due to her beauty and outstanding performances.

Courteney Cox Face Before And After Plastic Surgery Photo

Courteney Cox Face Before And After Plastic Surgery PhotoCourteney Cox Face Plastic Surgery

Courteney Cox 51 was looking unrecognizable at the time when she hit the red carpet for the premier of TV drama serial Hands of God on Wednesday. Her facial features were looking so stunning and impartial has it was hard to notice her age by her face because her face was looking as young as a thirty years old healthy and fit lady have in that age. Seeing her on stage in red many of her fans and critics conjecture that she have had some work done to get fluffy cheeks that are totally free of aging effect.  Along side many of social media ask her for the reason of her very youthful and altered face.

Courtney told closer magazine about her previous done botox injections

“It’s no secret that I have had botox injections in past years, but I won’t go under the knife for any plastic surgery”

She added also

“Johnny is not into that whole Hollywood look anyway, so I do not have any pleasure to keep looking like a teen age girl”

Courteney has previously admitted her Botox and facial fillers but for this time she does not have accused for having any treatment that why her face was looking so different then of her before appearances. You can see in below compared before and after photos that how her face features got sharpen and out of wrinkles and her skin is so glowing that is not normally seen in this age. So it would not be wrong to say that Courteney Cox has had plastic surgery for her face.

Courteney Cox Face Before And After Plastic Surgery Photo Botox

Since this time we have share the latest update with you about Courtney Cox Face plastic surgery before and after photos and we say you keep us up to dated with your reviews about her new and fresh face. And keep with tuned this page to get for further updates and news of Courteney Cox.

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