Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Before And After

Andie MacDowell plastic surgery before and after photos are sparking surgery speculations. Is not Andie McDowell seems to be getting younger by the day? Her face look younger then of her age 57. Seeing her recent photos with her 17 years old daughter “Sarah” on International Film Festival, she was not look much older then of her young daughter. Seeing this, many social communitis and spectators have been claimed her for having surgeres like Botox, face lifts and cosmetics to help improving freshnes on her face and to vanish the aging sighns and wrinkles.

Rosalie Anderson “Andie MacDowell” was born on 21st April 1958 in Gaffney South Carolina. She attended the Winthrop University. During university she joined modeling due to her wondering personality and merged beauty for being a model. In 1978 she initially signed with Elite Model Management in New York City from where her career was started in the modeling fields and acting actually. Then she was selected for Vogue Magazine in 1980s cover photos. After this Andie MacDowell was nominated for appearing in movies as main cast actress. Since that time to yet she has been appeared in a number of movies from which some of the mose successful movies are mentioned bellow with years.

1985St. EImo’s FireDale Biderman
1990Green CardBronte
1992The PrayerHerself
1999Just the TicketLinda Palinski
2001Dinner With FriendKaren
2006BarnyardEtta the Hen
2010The FrontMonique Lamont
2012Jane By DesignGray Chandler Murray
2013Cedar CoveOlivia Lockhart
2015Magic Mike XXLNancy

Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Before And After 

Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Before And After

Andie MacDowell Before and After 

Andie MacDowell was looking stuning when she hit the red carpet at the “Film Festival Closing Ceremoney” with her daughter “Sarah”. Andie was wearing white strapless gown, while her daughter was in floor length green dress that was looking amazing. Andie was not looking much older in front of her very young daiughter. Bith they were looking as young as they are younger and elder sisters but not a daughter with her mohter. Andie’s face, neck and arms were looking soft, smooth and there were not a single wrinkle on her face could be noticed. Seeing this, many of her fans and critics claimed her for having plastic sureried like Face List, Neck Lift, Cosmetics and Botox.

If you see her cheeks and forehead It is looking smoother and fresh as she is not growing up with her age. Morew over she is also looking fantastic for having a stout and smooth skin in this age which is above the words. Moreover I invite you to make your own examine on for making it sure that if Andie MacDowell get plastic surgery or not.

Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Before And After photos

Andie McDowell Eye lift and Facial

Andie MacDowell was in the complexion that her aging effects are not going well with her acting career as her face was not looking fit in front of Camera. So according to, she decided to go under the knife and get some Facial surgeries to hide her wrinkles from the area around her eyes and to make her eyes upper skin more tighter and good looking. Now her face is becomes more attractive as even in 57s. Now she is feeling more confidence in her performance.

Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Before And After 1

Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Before And After photos has been examined and compared here. More over i invite you to leave your comments below to make sure if Andie really have had something with her face, and or her face is looking younger then before.

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  1. hmm, she says she never had Plastic surgery and used Botox once or twice years ago.

    You use 2 pictures here, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were taken 10-15 years apart.

    Amazingly, The “before” which looks like the older of the 2 pictures shows her with no make-up at all, the “after” which was probably taken over 15 years earlier is a Promotional tour “glam ” shot.
    I don’t think she is lying.
    I think you are.


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