Best Plastic Surgeons In Tampa FL Bay Area

Best Plastic Surgeons In Tampa FL Bay Area as The Tampa Bay Area is the region of west central Florida. It contains 4 million residents. People do plastic surgery so that their injuries like burns and physical trauma can be healed. If you are living in Tampa, FL and you have such kind of injuries then make sure that you pick up the best plastic surgeon. In this post, we will let you know about the best ones of plastic surgeons in Tampa FL bay area so read this post in detail:

Best Plastic Surgeons In Tampa FL Bay Area

Melinda L. Lacerna

She is certified in both general surgeries as well as in plastic and reconstructive surgery. She is also the member of the American College of Surgeons. She has practiced plastic surgery. Many articles of her have also been published. Right now, she is Plastic Surgeon at the Ventura County Medical Center. She can be counted as one of the most professional plastic surgeons in Tampa FL bay area.

Melinda L. Lacerna Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Abraham Marcadis

He has been in this practice of plastic surgery for more than 20 years. He is a trusted name in facial cosmetic surgery. He is included in the “Top Doctors in America” and also “Top Surgeons in America” lists.

Dr. Abraham Marcadis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. David Halpern

He certified in three areas that is in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery area as well as in the General Surgery and Micro-Hand Surgery. He operates breast augmentation as well as breast implants and also breast lifts for both men and women. He is Chief of Plastic Surgery at Tampa General Hospital and also the chief of Medical Director of the Wound and Hyperbaric Center.

Dr. David Halpern Plastic Surgeon

Jennifer Landy

She has taken training in ophthalmology as well as ophthalmic plastic surgery and also in the reconstructive surgery.She is also best in facial cosmetic surgery. She has now been specializing in carrying on the surgical procedure of the eyelids and of lacrimal system, and also of the face.

Dr. Jennifer Landy Plastic Surgeon

Gloria J. Thomas

She specializes in carrying on cosmetic as well as breast surgery procedures. She is also best in doing the breast augmentation and also liposuction, fat transfers. She has been in practice for over 20 years.

Dr. Gloria J. Thomas Plastic Surgeon

So, these are all the best and top most Best Plastic Surgeons In Tampa FL Bay Area. Make sure that you do not get caught by untrained plastic surgeons and do consult only the above mentioned plastic surgeons whenever you will be visiting Tampa FL bay area.

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