Bollywood Celebrities Who Have Done Liposuction

No doubt to be a slim is the requirement of every film industry. The fatty or healthy look gives you an ugly appearance. But age leaves some of its effects on your body which cannot be held overnight or instantly but Liposuction is one of the modern mean to reduce your body fat instantly. There is a huge number of Bollywood Celebrities who have done Liposuction due to too much and in order to look young and elegant with respect to the body.  We are going to reveal some of the famous male Bollywood Celebrities who have done liposuction and make his body in shape again. Keep reading this article until the end will enhance your knowledge regarding this.

Bollywood Celebrities Who Have Done Liposuction

Bollywood Celebrities Who Have Done Liposuction

Hrithik Roshan:

Hrithik Roshan is one of the best actors in Bollywood film industry. He has done liposuction with respect to competitions with other actors. Hrithik has now zero fat with a muscular smooth cut body-wise Greek God. He has done liposuction in order to look more torsos and glamorous especially between his ebbs to make them more defined and elegant look.

Aamir Khan:

The name of Amir Khan is also existing in the list of Bollywood celebrities who have done liposuction. Amir is also another actor who wants to look younger again. He has gained too much fat but due to demand for a young appearance in most of the films, he has done liposuction. He also has done Botox and laser surgery on his entire body due to high requirement of young look in most of the offering films to him. Now he is one of the ideal personalities with respect to his body physic.

Saif Ali Khan:

Saif Ali Khan has also done Liposuction in order to look younger and muscular. Khan believes that the body requirement and limitation in the current modern age cannot be denied. Losing fat and transformation of older to younger is quite a difficult task but he has done liposuction and makes it easy. He has also done Botox and face lifting surgeries to overcome the wrinkles and another aging effect that harms his personality of body shape.

Anil Kapoor:

Losing fat is one of the major issues in getting too much fat and weight.  Anil Kapoor is also one of the famous actors falls on the list of Indian actors who have done Liposuction. To him losing fat after the extreme age is an easy task through liposuction in order to be known as younger again. Well, here I would like to mention that Anil Kapoor liposuction is a rumor because more we know is that he has maintained his appearance and fitness with diet and exercise.


Dharmender is a legend actor in Indian film industry. his name comes in the list of Bollywood celebrities who have done liposuction. For a perfect appearance in order to compete with the other his age fellow actors Dharmendra has also done Liposuction to look young again. He is now aged and age leaves some effects of aging but due to liposuction, he looks like a young person again.

Salaman Khan:

How we didn’t forget Salman Khan in the list of the celebs that have done liposuction. His tenor for the transformation of older to younger is not quite an easy task so that he has done Liposuction to lose fat and now he is completing the young actors who are 20 times less than the age of Salman Khan. He still plays the role of hero in the film instead of his high age only due to his ideal body and physic which give him younger look.

These Bollywood celebrities who have done liposuction are very famous. They adopt new appearance and body shape after this surgery and enjoying their life as they want and the industry wants them. To get latest updates about Bollywood celebrities plastic surgery news visit the home page of our website.

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