Carrot Top Before And After Plastic Surgery Botox Browlift Photos

American red-haired comedian Scott Thompson Carrot Top has been suspected for having plastic surgery for a long time. Peoples of Rockledge also said that he might have used chemical peels steroids for making his beefy muscled chest. But still the story is concealed not only for those peoples but also for the spectators of different social communities because he has continuously denied for having any plastic surgery and now the agenda is that either he is right about his surgery or he is still trying to hide the real story what behind his appearance with curly red hairs. So if you are also seeking for his plastic surgery then keep reading this post and then compare his before and after photos that will show off that what really he has had according to the examination of a plastic surgeon. But before going towards his surgery details let’s have a short look on his early, personal and professional life in order to see his worth in show business.

Scott Thompson is more known for his stage name Carrot Top born on 25th February, 1965 at Rockledge, Florida, United States. His educational career was done from Cocoa High School and Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton in 1984. After completing his education he pursue to comedy and appeared in his first standup comedy routine and then he appeared in Larry the Cable Fuy’s Christmas Spectacular and a number of other comedian films and dramas and raise his name and fame as a comedian actor, singer and script writer.

Carrot Top Before And After Plastic Surgery Botox Browlift Photos

Carrot Top Before And After Plastic Surgery Botox Browlift Photos

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery

Carrot Top has completed 50 years of his age in February, 2015 but still he looks so handsome and young as he was in his 30s. Seeing this many of his fans and viewers has speculate for any un natural treatment on his body and many of his fans and close said that he is used to with steroids to achieve a beefy muscled torso. These rumors are all about his face and eyebrows. People want to know that what actually lies behind his ever youth appearance. Well in order to resolve the query we have concerned with a plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who said that

            He’s undergone quite a few alter over the years, not the slightest of which is an

               Excessively domed brow possibly due to a combination of Botox and a Browlift

Alongside this carrot top said about his plastic surgery rumors on Oprah…-

            Do you think I’ve had plastic surgery? No! It just takes a lot of makeup to make-up

           That makes my torso high up…. And I’m sorry that I look good. I don’t think I look

           Anything different than I did when I started in comedy

So after reading these two comments we have still in haziness that either he has had plastic surgery or not. But we are in seek with his surgery details and as soon  as we receive any update from Instagram, tweeter or any news update about his plastic surgery we will share with you right here on this page. Till that time stay in touch with this page in order to get Carrot Top Before and After plastic surgery details along with his before and after photos.

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