Cate Blanchett Plastic Surgery Before and After

Long-time big-screen actress, Cate Blanchett defies the years with her warm, still-youthful appearance. Once might guess she has had plastic surgery. Or even Botox. Does she have a secret? Or just born with great genes, either way, it’s a pleasure to see her on-screen!

Starring most recently in the TV mini-series, ‘Mrs. America’, we have a renewed love for her acting. Expect to see the star in the upcoming film, Nightmare Alley, as well as the animated remake of the classic Pinocchio where she will voice one of the supporting characters in the film.

Has Cate Blanchett had Plastic Surgery?

At her age, most Hollywood stars have most certainly entertained the idea of plastic surgery. Female stars cresting above age 50, it’s not uncommon for them to opt for even Botox or facelifts. Lip fillers and laser skin treatments are also very popular, but has Cate Blanchett undergone any of these? If I was to guess, I’d say she has had some plastic surgery for sure since she looks amazing!

According to her, though, when it comes to cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, it is a hard ‘No’! Believe it or not!

In this interview from Fashionista, she was quoted as saying;

“There’s been a decade or so of people doing intervention with their face and their body. Now that we’re emerging from that, people are seeing that long-term it’s not so great. I’m not sitting on a soapbox telling women what they should and shouldn’t do, but I know what works for me. I’d just be too frightened about what it means long term. In the end, if you have all that stuff the end, you just see the work. It doesn’t fill me with admiration, it fills me with pity.”

cate blanchett plastic surgery 2013 2018
2013 Benjamin Button Premier // 2018 Oceans 8 Red Carpet

Cate Blanchett Nose Job

Here we are talking about Cate Blanchett plastic surgery, and one of the most common rumors that come up is did she have a nose job? Rumored to have been done earlier in her career, it appears that this is false. She has never addmitted to going under the knife, and with her comments above, it is likely any rumors about her nose job or other plastic surgery just isn’t true at all.

Still there is the question “Did Cate Blanchett get any type of plastic surgery?” What type of surgery she has been done. Cate Blanchett is well-known due to her brilliant acting talent as an Australian Actress. She has also won the note able awards during her career as Academy Award, Screen Actress Guild Award, Golden Globe Award, and BAFTA Awards. Rumors abound that Cate has undergone a few plastic surgeries where she has improved her appearance. But she did never admit it. Check out her before and after photos of Cate Blanchett plastic surgery. You tell us in the comments below what you believe. Cosmetic alterations, or just good genes?

Cate Blanchett Plastic Surgery Before and After

cate blanchett plastic surgery before and after
Both photos in 2013 – Plastic Surgery or Not?


cate blanchett 2015 portrait
Cate Blanchett 2015 – Stunning Natural Beauty


Cate Blanchett Plastic Surgery Before And After

Cate Blanchett have make some corrections with her nose as to make it suitable with her face appearance as her natural nose was not so smooth and straighter and her nasals are so wider. Cate Blanchett Nose Job Surgery was not disclosed by her own self as she hides her surgery rumors from the media but when her we a comparison between her before and after pictures, we observe that she might have done some plastic surgery with her nose to give it the shape suitable with her face.

Cate Blanchett Botox Injections are also showing from her given pictures as her cheeks skin is tighter and smoother and there is no any a single wrinkle in her skin. Cate gets Botox Injection to hide the aging effects even in the age of 45. Commonly in women, the skin becomes dull by reaching in this age but Cate Blanchett Skin is still young as you can see in her down given images.

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  1. Her nose straightened and the tip narrowed a bit, and her chin is more narrow. She has an all over softer look. Whatever she has done, it is a positive.


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