David Bromstad Plastic Surgery Before and After

The charismatic, joyful and tattooed David Bromstad, host of HGTV’s ‘My Lottery Dream Home’ can be very enjoyable to watch. His warm presence invites you to follow him while he introduces newly-minted millionaires to their future dream homes.

david bromstad tattoos nice teeth

Despite his age, he barely looks older than late 30’s at the most.

Has he undergone plastic surgery? Botox is a definite possibility when we consider he is nearly 50 years old!

Either way, he is well-loved and admired across his career of TV appearances and hosting.

Have a peek at some of our before and after photos, you might see something that surprises you.

Before we dive right into some of David Bromstad’s plastic surgery before and after pics, it has been noticed more male celebrities in general are now opting for cosmetic surgeries. Gone are the days where it was exclusive to their female counterparts.

Men are typically more involved in facial treatments, hair-transplantations and some body sculpting. Some are also taking non-surgical injections to enhance the appearance of muscles.

There can be a lot of reasons behind this decision of going under the knife or needle. When it comes to TV and big screen celebrities, the obvious reasons some up, namely the desire to remain current and fresh for their fans.

David Bromstad is absolutely within this category.

David’s on-screen look is always clean, vibrant and warm in character and appearance.

This flies in the face of traditional television casting, as David is heavily tattooed, and is not afraid to show it! But there is a very real charm he exudes. This is why he is so well loved.

david bromstad shirtless

Lets take a look at a quick history of David Bromstad, and we can see some before and after photos below. You can decide if he has undergone some cosmetic surgeries.

  • David Reed Bromstad was born on 17th August 1973 in Cokato, MN to Richard Harold David Bromstad and Diane Marlys Bromstad.
  • He went to Wayzata High School and Ringling College of Art and Design.
  • His career started as an illustrator with Disney , while he later started his own company, Bromstad Studio.
  • His television career got its boost in 2006 when he won HGTV’s Design Star, taking him on to host other HGTV shows.
  • Brother vs Brother, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Design Star All-Stars, Design at Your Door and, of course, My Lottery Dream Home.

David Bromstad Plastic Surgery

Although David has never admitted to getting plastic surgery, still his fans and followers wonder how he does not seem to age. Rumors are around that speak to facial fillers, botox, nose job, and hair-transplantation. Did David Bromstad have plastic surgery or not? Lets compare.

David Bromstad Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

David Bromstad Facial Plastic Surgery Rumors:

The very first and foremost plastic surgery rumor of David Bromstad is about his facial plastic surgery. He is a young-looking handsome man with clear facial features. He maintains a perfect body weight, which his height of 6’1″ helps.

You can check out the following shown David Bromstad plastic surgery before and after photos. Note you can notice some wrinkles and a dull skin tone which is now totally changed. Obviously lighting plays a big part here, but since these were taken during the same year, there is a notable difference, don’t you think?

David Bromstad Plastic Surgery Before And After Face Photos

Now if you make a close comparison between his before and after photos, you begin to really see the possibility. His facial plastic surgery rumors center around the use of Botox injections and facial collagens. These proceedures will help to make for a very youthful appearance, smoothing out facial wrinkles and aging.

Here is the real shocker, the next before and after photos are more than 10 years apart!

Tell me, he is either an alien, or he has had some cosmetic help.

david bromstad cosmetic surgery

He almost doesn’t age.

David Bromstad Hair Treatment:

There are two types of cosmetic hair treatments; surgical and non-surgical. It is pretty certain that he has not gone the surgical hair transplant route. There is a strong  possibility for the non-surgical hair treatment.

According to a rumor on his forum, one of his fans had commented that David had possibly suffered from alopecia which was making him loose parts of his hair. There is no evidence of that at all now, and you can see the images that his hair is stronger, shiner, and stylish.

Could it be a result of hair transplantation? I’m doubtful he has done such a thing, and the alopecia rumor is likely false, if you ask me!

david bromstad hair treatment

So here we conclude, David Bromstad plastic surgery before and after photos.

You have seen his then and now photos. Check back on this page to get any newer updates about his plastic surgery rumors. If you like, comment and let everyone know what you think.

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