Exo Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Chinese-South Korean boy band “Exo” has had plastic surgeries and have also accused for it. Here we are going to be discussed about each members of Exo plastic surgery before and after pictures, results and causes. A very latest controversy is received that some of the main members of the EXO underwent the unnatural treatments (plastic surgeries). Is that true? Or these are just rumors about Exo plastic surgery; is going to be examined here with the comparison between their then and now photo. Here you’ll get what treatment he has had, why he got admitted for getting this surgery and what are the results after done this treatment.

Exo is a Chinese-South Korean body band formed by S.M Entertainment in 2011. Exo consists of twelve boys and separated into two subgroups “Exo-K” and Exo-M”. Name of the boys are Xiumin, Luhan, Kris, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O., Tao, Kai, Sehun. Exo came into being prominence publically in 2011 at a Hallyu business seminar held at Stanford University. The group name was taken from the word exoplanet which is divided into two groups. Exo got worldwide fame with their best sale album “XoXo” in 2013 which also nominate and won “Golden Disk Award” and Mnet Asian Music Award”. Well since that time to yet Exo has raised its name and fame among the best boy band group in Seoul South Korea.

Exo Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Exo Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Exo Plastic Surgery

“Exo” a Chinese-South Korean boy band has been acclaimed for plastic surgery which some of its members including D.O., Chanyeol, Kai, and Luhan has been accused for having plastic surgeries to refine their appearance to look more stunning while performing.

Kai-Exo Plastic Surgery

Kai Exo has undergone for double eyelid surgery to stretch-up his brow lines. You may see this difference clearly in his before and after photos I have compared below. Beside this he has also been acclaimed for having his nose done by a nose job surgery also called as Rhinoplasty Surgery to refine his nose. Although his nose remains unchanged after getting nose treatment but he has had and said “I am pretty sure back in Exo’s debut days; it must be changed to get pointed on face”. You notice this difference in the following pictures of Kai Exo plastic surgery.

Exo Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures Kai-EXO

D.O. Exo Plastic Surgery

Controversy about D.O. Exo plastic surgery is also been hearing and according to that, he has had Rhinoplasty surgery to make his nose pointed and sharper. Naturally his nose was plumed and nasals were wider as compare to his current nose. His new nose is looking more suitable and pointed then of the previous and you could easily examined that how beautifully the surgeon has done his nose job.

Exo Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures D.O. - EXO

Luhan-Exo Plastic Surgery

Luhan who is also known as the prince of China has had plastic surgery. It to stunning to hear about that he is not all looking natural. It is because his nose has been noticeably changed when we compare his before and after pictures. Yes, Surely! He has had a nose job surgery to high-up his tip. Seeing his chin it is could be noticed that might he has had some work done with his chin to make it sheer then of the rounded as looking in the following shown before and after photos.

Exo Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures Lunah-EXO

Chanyeol – EXO Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery of Chanyeol Exo is not as sure as the above member, might due to the perfection of his surgeon that make his face suitable with all expects His face turned into square shape from oval not and his nose and eyes are looking slightly changed then of his previous appearance when he join EXO in 2011.

Hence this is all what we have about EXO plastic surgery before and after pictures. I would like to mention here that these speculation or controversy has been generated with the comparison between before and after photos, but there is not any type of confirmation report has been onaired till this time. In case you want to get details about Exo plastic surgery before and after pictures keep in touch with this page. as soon as we get any further report or news of Exo Boys plastic surgery we will share with you right here on this page.

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