G Dragon Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

G Dragon plastic surgery before and after pictures have been examined here. GD has been speculated for getting his nose done with rhinoplasty surgery. Besides nose job he is also been rumored for getting eyebrow lift and facial fillers to get a smooth and line free skin. So keep on reading this post get ready about the speculation and rumors about G-Dragon plastic surgery before and after photos, but after a short look on his life and career…

G Dragon or “GD” was born on 18th August, 1988 at Seoul, South Korea. He is well known as a South Korean rapper and songwriter who has sings and writes various super hit songs in his singing career. His career was start at the age of 5 when he join a musical group “Little Lula” later renamed as “shocking”. He is also lyrists, Producer, Model and a fashion designer. He is a member of Big Band, Pixie Lott, GD and Top, Tablo and Dok2 as a K-Pop Singer and a South Korean rapper who has sings a number of super hit and famous Hip hop and K-Pop genera songs as YG Entertainment. GD has done his notable work in different music videos as in 2001 he released his own first music video “G-Dragon” A.K.A “My Age is 13” and Perry – “Storm”, In 2003 “1TYM – “Hot”. Recently his latest music video was released in 2014 “Daesung – “Look at Me, Swisun (JPN ver.)”.

G Dragon Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

g dragon plastic surgery before and after pictures

G Dragon Nose Job Surgery

Did G Dragon get a Nose Job Surgery? This question is rising these days by his fans even critics. So that’s why have examined his before and after nose job photos. Actually G Dragon badly injured in an accident in 2009 in which his nose bridge was broken and his bake bone was injured in this accident. Doctors suggest him for having a nose reconstructive surgery that will change his nose shape. If you compare GD down given before and after pictures then you will be clear that he has done a perfect nose job surgery as his nose tip becomes sharper and straighter then before.

g dragon plastic surgery before and after pictures1

Along side the nose job, his fresh, smooth face with updo eyebrows also sparks the plastic surgery rumors. it is been hearing that the young Korean singer and song writer has had some treatment done on his eyes and have injected facial fillers into his skin to get it stout and line free.

hence there is not any evidence or confess that can prove his surgery. Just keep attached with this page to get further about  G Dragon Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures.

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