Has Barbra Streisand Never Had A Nose Job

Queen of The Divas Barbra Streisand and her nose are both one of a kind itself and she often has been jeer at her nose hump by many communities since her year active as a signer. She begins her career at the age of 16 and sings her first song A Sleeping Bee in front of Phyllis Ada Driver who said after listing her voice “one of the great singing talents in the world”. Well after her great voice she is also known for her bumpy nose and her viewers are wonder that why she never had refined it to straighten the nose bump from her nose bridge. Formerly she has regret for having any work on her nose but hence many peoples and her fans want to know did Barbra Streisand ever have plastic surgery or not? If not then why she does not agree to have her nose done even she can! Keep reading below for details…Has Barbra Streisand Never Had A Nose Job

Afterwards she has been regret for having nose surgery treatment like Rhinoplasty or nasal trauma various times during interviews such. In 1985 during her interview with Barbara Walters she said about her nose

“I don’t have enough money to waste on surgery and I don’t trust the doctors to make my nose correct. My nose according to me is fit with my face”

Later once during interview with PlayBoy magazine she said about her nose that

“If I ever decide to do my nose fix I will ruin my whole career and vocal cords”

Well these are her won remarks about rhinoplasty surgery but what the examiner of a plastic surgeon said would too interactive with this query. Facial surgeon Doctor Papageorgiou suspects that “of course it is not a plastic surgery as her nose looking so natural; it is uneven after wards but there might be a mild reshaping of her nose that are nose fillers to get a smoother line in the nose. He added that It looks as if she’s had something subtle done with her nose but that is not a rhinoplasty.

So the query is clear about “has Barbara Streisand never had a nose job” because it is not she neglect her nose job but the plastic surgeon has also clarify the story on her nose and that tells Barbara Streisand has never had a nose job.

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