Howard Stern Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Howard Stern nose job plastic surgery before and after photos are presented here with reasons. Have you heard that Howard Stern has treated with knife for rhinoplasty surgery and has admitted on radio that he has had a nose job and hide this story from media but now my fans must be known that I have had this? He admitted his nose job so that the story could be clear that the claim of his viewers is correct that there seems to be a slight difference in his face that might be the result of a plastic surgery. Moreover he has put on view his before and after photos for a better comparison so that the rumors about cosmetic surgery and any other could be clarifies on the spectators. Keep reading this post in order to get his words on his nose job but before going towards that let’s have a short look on his early, personal and professional career in order to know the worth of Howard Stern.

American Radio and TV personality Howard Allan Stern was born on 12th January, 1954 to Bernard and Ray Stern at Queens New York City, United States. Stern attended the Washington-Rose Elementary school and then Hebrew School where he was named as TZVI, during school years he start learning piano and during at Boston University he start his professional career with WTBU campus radio channel where he announces the news, take interviews as a host. Since then to yet he has been starred in Ryder, P.I, Butt Bongo Fiesta and The Howard Stern Show and Howard Stern Radio Show.

Howard Stern Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos  

Howard Stern Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Howard Stern Nose Job

On Xfinity entertainment it was been released in 2011 that Howard Stern has gone under the knife for plastic surgery that has been later proofed with the medical report in a Xfinity video for nose job. There a picture was slighted in difference that before and after nose is rather changed and the bum on the mid of his nose bridge has been removed in order to refine it and now. That time he actually hide his nose job but the peoples and spectators start speculating on him for plastic surgery and then he said on  his radio show about surgery

“No; absolutely not! I don’t have any surgery but Botox which I conceal from the fans due to fear of abusing and the slightly different look that you have claim on tweeter is the result of a nose job.”

Saying this he added his nose according to his opinion is now more perfect with his face as his nasals are refined and Nose Bridge is straighten and thin then of his bumpy nose that time. You can see this difference in below compared Howard Stern Nose job before and after photos.

Howard Stern Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Hence this is all about Howard Stern nose job plastic surgery before and after photos. Hope you have noticed an obvious change in his nose that was in bump that time and now the bump has removed  and this is in his then and now pics. What do you say about his new now leave your comments us in the below box.

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