Jang Nara Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift, Eyelid Photos

South Korean singer and actress Jang Nara or Na-ra has been speculating for having different plastic surgeries. Her cheeks and eyes looks dramatically changed over the years.  She starts singing in 1997 but that time her face was totally different then her current face. That time her facial features including her skin, facial complexions and of course her eyes were not as same as they looks now. These variations during the years spark the plastic surgery rumors which we are discussing here. So just keep on reading this post to get details about Jang Nara plastic surgery before and after facelift, eyelid pictures after a short passage on her life and career.

She was born on 18th March, 1981 in Seoul, South Korea to Ju Heo-Seong (father). She has attended the Chung-Ang University. It is because her father was an actor so she develops her interest to become an actress or media personality during the high school. She start appearing in TV commercial model and then at university’s theater she start acting. After leaving the university Jang starts taking music and singing classes and become a singer with SM Entertainment in 2001. Since that time to now she has sung a number of famous songs and has also been appearing in movies and television shows and sitcoms.

Jang Nara Plastic Surgery

Jang Nara Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift, Eyelid Photos

Jang Nara Facelift Rumors

While talking about Jang Nara plastic surgery, the facelift is very first conjectured which has to be discussed. The reason is her face which is getting younger instead of getting older with growing age. She is now 36 years old but her face looks like she is still 22 or 23 years old. Her face is so smoother, shinier, glowing with no wrinkles and signs of aging on it. This is a clear hint towards the facelift surgery which she did never had admired or revealed. Spectators said that it is a facelift result for sure because naturally it is not very hard to have this skin tone without any treatment.

Jang Nara Eyelid Rumors

Beside the facelift rumors a one of the most fictional rumor is about her eyelid surgery. When we compare her current photos with the older photos when she active with show biz, we can easily notice that her eyes were no tinny and pinched while now her eyes has been changed. It is a sparking Jang Nara eyelid surgery rumors. You can see in the following Jang Nara plastic surgery before and after eyelid surgery photos below can you can notice that how her eyes looks change over the years.

Jang Nara Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift, Eyelid Photos

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Beside facelift and eyelid surgery she has also been speculating for many other surgery rumors but she has not yet addressed to any of these rumors. We are inviting you to keep on tuned with this page because as soon as we get any latest news or report about Jang Nara plastic surgery, we will share with you right here on this page along with her then and now photos. You can add your comments in the following comments box relating to Jang Na ra plastic surgery.

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