Katie Couric Nose Job Before And After Plastic Surgery pictures

Katherine Anne or “Katie” is a famous American television journalist, talk show host and an author born in 7th January 1957 in Arlington, Virginia. She is well known as a new caster and a host of many television shows. As she is an owner of natural beauty but two years before she noticed that in front of the camera her nose is not looking well as a host so she decide to have a nose job. Details about her surgery are discussed bellow headingly but before this let’s have a look on early and professional career of Katherine Anne. As from the very early time from her child hood she raised as a Presbyterian because her father “John Martin Couric” was a Public relation editor and news editor at The Atlanta Journal- Constitution and the United Press in Washington D.C. After the completion of her studies she starts her professional career as a news caster in ABC News Bureau in 1979, later joining CNN News as an assignment editor. An Evening new casting program NBC News was cast by her from 1991 to 2006, by this news show she got a very famous name is the news casting world and she was awarded for a award as Associate Press as Emmy. Hence she is still working with a news casting show “CBS News” and in “ABC News” in Evening.

Katie Couric nose job before and after plastic surgery pictures are given bellow and by a closes examination it will clear that she had a perfect nose job to maintain her nose tip as her natural nasal was rounded and was not so good to her so she decide to get a nose job. By watching the compression of her before and picture it will clear you that she had a nose job.

Katie Couric Nose Job Before And After Plastic Surgery pictures

Katie Couric Nose Job Before And After Plastic Surgery pictures

Katie Couric nose job

By the close view of her before and after pictures you can easily observe that Katie Couric had a nose surgery and she revealed that once she was watching her show by own and felt that her face is now showing the aging signs and her nose looks more rounded and un compatible on her face so I this matter she meet with a surgery rumor surgeon to take a nose job and the surgeon give her a suggestion to get a nose job. Now after her nose surgery her nasal and nose tip becomes more thin and straight then before. Her new nose is enchaining her face beauty then before and gives her more confidence as a TV Host and a News Caster.

Katie Couric Plastic  Surgeries before and after photos 

If we see her after pictures attentively then we can scrutinize that she might also had some other plastic surgeries like by watching her cheeks it can examine that she had a Botox surgery and mini facelift surgery that’s why her face skin even at the age of 56 if looking glowing and tight. Usually by reaching this age most of the woman’s skin especially faces skin showing the age signs but Katie Couric skin is still young and tight as compare to other ladies.

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