Lily Collins Plastic Surgery Before and After Eyebrow Photos

‘Halo of Stars’ and ‘Emily in Paris’ actress Lily Collins rocks signature stunning eyebrows. Talk about brow-goals, she is the queen when it comes to beautiful and natural brushed perfect brows. Do you think the plastic surgery rumors are true? Or is she just blessed with genes we all envy? Does she even need plastic surgery with that natural aura?

Never admitted, but there is recent talk of an eyebrow lift. Lily over the years has maintained just stunning classic beauty, but still, the difference between her before and after photos can spark some doubt. Let’s check out the Lily Collins plastic surgery before and after eyebrow photos. Check it out, comment below if you think you can see that there is a clear difference over the years. Or do you think the plastic surgery rumors are BS?

Lily Collins Career and Background

Lily Jane Collins is a British-born American actress who has also dabbled in modeling. She was born March 18, 1989, to English musician Phil Collins and American Jill Tavelman in Guildford, Surrey, England. She attended the Harvard Westlake School and then moved to the University of Southern California to get her bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism.

Her father, Phil Collins helped her to be cast in a BBC TV series, ‘Growing Pains’ when she was only 2 years old. Years later, she hit the big screen with her role as Collins Tuohy in ‘The Blind Side’ in 2009. The same year saw her appear in a couple of episodes of 90210 as Phoebe Abrams. From that time to now she has appeared in a number of hit movies and TV series, including the TV mini-series Les Misérables.

Her latest role, starring as Emily, in Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’ has again refreshed our desire to see more from this British American actress! With season 2 now out as of December 22, 2021, we can binge thru our favorite American darling living her best life in Paris.

Lily Collins Plastic Surgery Before and After Eyebrow Photos

Lily Collins Plastic Surgery Before And After Eyebrow Photos
2017 Golden Globes

Lily Collins Eyebrow Lift

What happened to Lily Collins eyebrows? Some fans have been asking, as her exceptional eyebrows have raised rumors. Perfect just doesn’t happen, does it? You might think she has undergone an eyebrow lift, but according to her, there is nothing to hide. Lily has never admitted to plastic surgery, or minor cosmetic work to her eyebrows.

It appears that it is just a rumor that Lily Collins had an eyebrow lift surgery to acquire these exclusive eyebrows. You can see in the following Lily Collins plastic surgery before and after eyebrow photos below. Compare her looks shown below and share your thoughts with us in the following comments!

red carpet lily collins microblading
Fierce perfect eyebrows

Lily Collins Plastic Surgery Before And After Eyebrow Photos

Does Lily Collins get Her Eyebrows Done?

Obviously even perfect brows need daily care, but does Lily have professional alterations for her brows like microblading or threading? Her at-home care routine seems to be her only secret, in spite of any plastic surgery rumors. An article in Glamour magazine quotes the star as saying;

“I do it all myself – I simply look in a magnifying mirror, get the tweezers and follow the line. I don’t let anyone touch them. I really think less is more and I like to mess them up. But to be honest, I do maintenance every night.”

All natural brows. Amazing!

emily in paris lily collins eyebrows
Emily in Paris

lily collins brow closeup portrait


So she might just be one of the luckiest ladies around. It looks like Lily Collins plastic surgery rumors are in fact not true. Lets continue to bask in her glorious brows, and  if you want to get any further news or update about Lily Collins surgery work, just keep in touch with our site. Any new info we get an alert about her plastic surgery, we will share with you right here on this page along with her then and now photos.

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