Madonna Plastic Surgery Before And After Face Photos

Madonna plastic surgery before and after face photos are presented here. These photos are flaunting the rumors and speculations for cosmetics treatments including botox, facial fillers and facelift surgery. One of the plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Douglas has also claimed her for having ‘Rhinoplasty’ Surgery to get refined the nose. But still the query is unsolved because yet she has never been confirmed any of these rumors. So if you are also seeking the real story behind Madonna’s changed appearance, then keep on reading to get answer about ‘Did Madonna get plastic surgery or not’?

Madonna Louise Ciccone or shortly ‘Madonn’ was born on 16th August, 1958 at Bay City, Michigan, United States to Silvio Anthony and Madonna Louise Fortin. She attended the ‘St. Frederick’s and St. Andrew’s catholic Elementary Schools. Later that she attended the “University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance’’ in order to pursue career toward singing and dancing. After that she start singing and writing songs. Her debut single was released in 1982 “Everybody” and “Burning Up”. Both these were her super hit singles released in US. Later that she write and sings a number of super hit songs and won ‘MTV Video Music Awards (VMA), Academy Award for best original song and Grammy Award. She has established herself as a singer, songwriter and actress.

Madonna Plastic Surgery Before And After Face Photos

Madonna Plastic Surgery Before And After Face Photos

Madonna Plastic Surgery

The queen of Pop ‘Madonna’ have been captured for having her face done with face plastic surgeries like cosmetics, botox and facelift surgery. Spectators have also claimed her nose for rhinoplasty surgery which she has never been addressed but the comparison of her photos then and now, the nose looks slightly changed then of the previous appearance.

Back in 2013 when she hit the stage for a live concert in London her face was looking swollen. Seeing this many of her fans and critics claimed her for having botox injections or fillers in her cheeks, chin and forehead. Some viewers even claim that her botox or fillers have ruined her face that’s why her face is looking noticeability swollen. This appearance generate a lot of rumors and speculations but she never been addressed on it and the story is still enclosed.

Beside the face if you compare her nose closely, you may notice that it is also looking a bit refined. The much pointed tip is not as same as it was before. Nasals are looking narrower and thinner that is making her nose altered then of the before nose. You can see the following Madonna nose job before and d after photos below in which her face as well as her nose is looking different.

Madonna plastic surgery before and after face photos

All about Madonna plastic surgery before and after face photos is discussed here. To get confirmation report or any news about Madonna plastic surgery, keep attached with this page because as soon as we receive any further report or news about her surgery we will share with you right here on this page along with her then and now photos.

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