Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Cheek Implants Photos

Melania Trump has been rumoring for getting cheek implants which she has not yet admired. Her face looks so stout, smoother and tighter then before which is a hint of plastic surgery. Various spectators are capturing her for different plastic surgeries but one of the most controversial conjecture is her cheeks implants. So here in this post I have examined Melania Trump plastic surgery cheek implants photos to determine the details if she really has had plastic surgery or not? So just keep on reading this post after a short passage on her life and career you will get the details about Melania Trump plastic surgery along with her then and now photos.

Melanija Knavs or Melania Trump was born on 26th April, 1970 at Novo Mesto, Slovenia, Yugoslavia to Viktor Knavs and Amalija. She attended a secondary school of design and photography in Ljubljana and then University of Ljubljana for degree in performing and arts. She and her family Immigrated in U. S where her career was begin as a model at the age of 16. Since then to 2004 she remain attached with industry as well as she is also known as the wife of Donald Trump who is presidential candidate of U. S. She is a naturaly beautiful model who still looks so young and smooth after giving birth to Barron Trump at the age of 46. To get secret behind her ever youth full appearance keep on reading below…

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Cheek Implants Photos

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Cheek Implants Photos

Melania Trump Cheek Implants

It is been rumoring that USA first Lady Melania Trump has gone under the knife for hiding aging signs and to plump her facial complexions. Melania is much acclaimed due to her naturally beautiful and stunning looks. Most of the times peoples believe that she is still natural but many of her fans and follower said that the big secret behind her ever youth full appearance is just because of botox injections and facial fillers. The rumors are about her cheeks implants now because her cheeks looks so fuller and smooth that it is hard to assume her age from her face. Well after receiving a lot of rumors about her face surgeries, Melania set on a talk show for an interview with GQ.

On Tuesday episode of GQ Melania Trump addressed the plastic surgery rumors and told that she did never underwent the knife for plastic surgery or botox on her face. She said that she is against botox or any other unnatural way to look younger. She said that all I am natural and my cheeks are just look fuller due to my diet and health and somehow my makeup make them stout and stretched.

Readers you can see the following before and after photos of Melania Trump plastic surgery cheeks implants Melania Trump photos below. In these pics you can see that how her cheeks looks so different stout and thick in her after photos that were not before.

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Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Cheek Implants Photo

Well I would like to mention that there is no any plastic surgery hidden behind Melania Trump face, all she is natural. But in case she does any surgery we will share Melania Trump plastic surgery cheek implants photos with you right here, so just keep in attached with this portal.

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