Michelle Keegan Botox, Lip Filler Plastic Surgery Rumors Reaction

Michelle Keegan has been abused for having botox and lip filler plastic surgery since she make her appearance in 2013 Lemon La Vida Loca to Our Girl in 2015. An obvious difference can be noticed as her face has been gently glossier in these years and her fans and communities start speculating that she has underwent for having botox and lip fillers which she has been response now according to star magazine. Keep reading this post for further details and her saying in reaction about botox and lip fillers plastic surgery.


Michelle Keegan is a real beauty but many of her fans and viewers has been rumored for having Botox and lip filler plastic surgery on instagram said “might you have had plastic surgery or not for your face”.

Michelle Keegan Botox, Lip Filler Plastic Surgery Rumors Reaction

Reaction Against these Rumors

The ex-coronation street actress has distinctly been rumored for having plastic surgery such as botox and lip filler as the comments on instagram on her pictures she has been lately tagged in. Well now she has been admired for having plastic surgery by saying

“So what if I have? She added “its my own business”

She said to star magazine

“It doesn’t really upset me. People always ask for either I have had a plastic surgery or not” and I said that its my business.

On star magazine she said I can’t bear if someone hit my face “It’s my face so what if I have or have not, I don’t read it when people speculate about it. Moreover she said on her husband’s Mark Wright beauty regime, she joked that he took her beauty products to perfect his appearance. Hence here we have compared her before and after photos so that you can make a better comparison between her before and after photos.

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