Molly Ringwald Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

The absolute icon of 80s films, Molly Ringwald has recently sparked a bit of curiosity with fans suspect for having some cosmetic surgery for her face. Plastic surgery yay or nay? Botox? Fillers?

We can look at a few of her before and after photos over the years, you decide!

The red hair American actress has shared her views about plastic surgery, saying she hasn’t felt any need for treatments – at least, not yet. She admitted that her mind might change in the future, leaving her fans to wonder.

Hearing this, I couldn’t help but compare Molly Ringwald’s before and after photos. Its not night and day difference, I’ll admit. You be the judge, and make your conclusions. Maybe Molly Ringwald plastic surgery rumors might be true.

At her age, its not unsual for an actress or anyone in the public eye to jump at the chance to capture a bit more youthfulness. Having a bit of plastic surgery for her face, including botox or even lips fillers is a possibility.

molly ringwald plastic surgery rumors

So, straight up, what’s the real story of Molly Ringwald’s changing appearance? Natural aging, slight cosmetic treatments? Let’s look deeper into her history and career of the actress followed by some before and after photos.

Molly Ringwalds History and Career

Molly Kathleen Ringwald is better known as Molly Ringwald, was born February 18th 1968, in Roseville, California.

Shes the daughter of Adele Edith and Robert Scott “Bob” Ringwald who was a jazz pianist. Her first jump into performing came at the age of five! She starred in a stage production as the Dormouse.

After this alongside her school studies, she recorded an album of Dixieland jazz with her father and his musical group “The Fulton Street Jazz Band”. Along with her studies she continued with musical productions and was apart of a few music groups.

Her acting career started off in 1979. Beginning with appearances in TV series “Diff’rent Strokes” and “The Facts of Life”. Since then, she has starred in numerous films, including “Tempest,” “Pretty in Pink,” and “The Brat Pack”

molly ringwald in 1988

Molly Ringwald’s Most Notable Appearances:

  1. Tempest (1982) – Ringwald starred in this American comedy-drama film, based on William Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest.”
  2. Pretty in Pink (1986) – She played the role of Andie Walsh in this iconic romantic comedy-drama film.
  3. The Breakfast Club (1985) – Ringwald portrayed Claire Standish in this classic coming-of-age comedy-drama film, which has become a symbol of 1980s pop culture.
  4. Sixteen Candles (1984) – She played Samantha Baker in this coming of age comedy film, another iconic movie from the 1980s.
  5. The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008-2013) – After years of small roles she’s front and center. Ringwald starred as Anne Juergens in this popular teen drama television series on ABC Family.
  6. Riverdale (2017-2021) – She appeared as Mary Andrews in the CW’s hit teen drama series based on the Archie Comics. Super cool to see her again!
  7. The Kissing Booth film series (2018-2021) – Ringwald played Mrs. Flynn in the Netflix teen romantic comedies film series, with the third installment, The Kissing Booth 3, in August 2021.

Molly Ringwald Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

molly ringwald plastic surgery rumors before and after photos
Molly’s hairstyle choice plays well to hide any potential wrinkles hiding on her forehead….botox? maybe. These two photos 1988 and 2015!
molly botox rumors 2016
Molly in 2016 at 48 years old
Molly Ringwald plastic surgery before and After Photos
She ages well, we can give her that! nearly 35 years apart in these photos

Molly Ringwald Plastic Surgery Views

Mother of three 47 years old American actress, singer and dancer Molly Ringwald that was known as the acting icon of 80s classical films has having plastic surgery speculations. It has been revealed by her interview on Style List last week. On the show the host of Style List asked Molly Ringwald

“You have written a line on plastic surgery in your book “Be Bold”; have you had any plastic surgery even Botox on your face? Are you under the care of a Board Certificate cosmetic Dermatologist?”

Molly responded with, “I haven’t had any treatments, and I don’t judge them, but as an actress, I have to maintain my appearance. If I ever need Botox, I’ll get it, but I haven’t had any yet.”

So hearing this many of her viewers start comparing and examining her before and after photos and prepare various rumors and speculations that she has had Botox Injections and Lip fillers.

Because her cheeks forehead and lips lines are looking high up then before and her skin is more glowing and tighter and now matching with her age that is touching 55 years of age.

molly ringwald botox

And there you go! Buzz about Molly Ringwald’s plastic surgery journey is making waves. Lets not forget this incredibly talented actress, singer and dancer has performed for years. Captured our hearts since the ’80s with her performances and beauty.

We love to speculate and compare every little detail in her before and after photos, also remember to celebrate the amazing woman that she is. After all, whether she’s had a bit of Botox or not, Molly Ringwald’s real magic is her ability to bring unforgettable characters to life in movies and TV.

In the end, it’s her talent, grace, and apparently evergreen beauty that keeps us hooked. As we eagerly await her next appearance on the big screen or stage. Until then let’s keep the gossip mill turning, because, hey, we’re all just a bit curious, aren’t we?

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