Paz De La Huerta Plastic Surgery Rumors Before And After Picture

Paz De La Huerta plastic surgery rumors before and after picture are flaunting that she may undergone for lip injection and facial fillers along with a rhinoplasty surgery for her nose. Her changed looks spark rumors which she did never confirmed but the spectators claim that there is must be a work has done on her face due to which she is looking altered. The Boardwalk Empire actress Paz de la Huerta has been rumored for various plastic surgery which are discussed here below of this passage after a short intro on her life and career.

Maria de la Paz Elizabeth Sofia Adriana de la Huerta is well known with her stage name as Paz de la Huerta. She was born on 3rd September, 1984 at New York City, New York, United States. She attended the private Saint Ann’s School in New York and then she attended the performing arts camp “Buck’s Rock”. During her high school she pursue her career towards the modeling and was known as a famous American model. In 2014 she was offered to work in films as an actress which she accepted and now she is well known American actress and have also won and nominated for various note able awards for her acting talent.

Paz De La Huerta Plastic Surgery Rumors Before And After Picture

Paz De La Huerta Plastic Surgery Rumors Before And After Picture

Paz De La Huerta Plastic Surgery

Paz de la Huerta has been rumored for having different plastic surgeries like nose job, lip fillers and facial collagens to maintain her appearances. Although she did never addressed any rumor but still the spectators when see and compare her then and now photos they claims that there must be an artificial work has been performed on her face and skin. Here below I have also presented and compared her before and after photos through which you can notice that how her face is looking changed then of her previous pictures.

In the following photos you can see that her lip are looking so plumed then of the previous photos. These are generating the rumors for lip fillers injections. You can see that her pout looks gorgeous with ample lines which was not before few years ago.

Beside the lip fillers and second controversy is about her facial fillers injections like botox and collagens which she also never confirmed. Her cheeks can easily examined for it that are glowing and sparking the botox injections. She is 33 years old with a lines free and smooth skin and there is no any sign of aging can be seen on her face.


Well – Did Paz De La Huerta has had a plastic surgery or not? this query is still unsolved and we just have her then and now photos and I am inviting you that just keep in attached with this page to get any further news or report about her plastic surgery, it is because we soon as we get any further update about her plastic surgery we will share with you right here on this page.

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