Romario Dos Santos Alves Surgery Before And After Pictures

Bodybuilding lovers are well aware of the name Romario Dos Santos Alves. He has gained notable fame with his ballooned 25 inches biceps with unnatural surgery procedure. Here I am talking all about Romario Dos Santos Alves surgery before and after pictures. Romario is a Brazilian Body Builder came into prominence in just latest three years. His journey towards gigantic muscles started in 2016 when he saw animated movies hero Hulk. Watching him, he decided to pulled-off his muscles even it costs his life. The reason behind this journey was just fame among his fans and to increase his fan following. And no doubt he rocks his self and of course his fans but on the other hand, he put his life into a big risk of losing his arms. Really it is blind blowing for bodybuilders to see him live. For this time you can check out the following details with his then and now photos.

Romario Dos Santos Alves Surgery Before and After Pictures

A Brazilian bodybuilder who is now 27 years old is having gigantic arm muscles have put his life into death or both arms losing risk. The all reasons behind are just his addiction to bodybuilding with counterfeit injections that harms him a lot. Check out the following Romario Dos Santos Alves surgery before and after pictures.

Muscle Injections Almost Cost This Man His Arms

What behind Romario Dos Santos Alves Muscles?

As I have written above that 27 years old Brazilian bodybuilder has gone to addiction for attaining Hulk-like muscles and he is 90% succeed in his goal of gaining 25” arm muscles. According to a doctor’s report, he has faced several health issues due to the access of injections containing the mixture of Synthol and alcohol. Both these are actually poisons that harm the inner tissues of the human body. These toxic injections have caused him a lot of pain and muscles fatigue but he did well during his journey towards the muscular body. Once during an interview, he has told his fans about the risk behind his surgery injections.

                “I remember that a doctor intimate me that they would need to amputate both arms”

Really it is amazing and looks like insanity for putting your life on risk to gain a fans recognition. But now his viewpoints about this madness have totally changed and now his treatment is going on.

Romario Dos Santos Alves Surgery Before And After Pictures

Romario Dos Santos Alves Surgery

Now Romario Dos Santos Alves The hulk bodybuilder has stopped taking Synthol and alcohol injections. He is not a well famous and the only well-known real-life hulk we have. Here an important thing which I would like to add here is, along with unnatural surgery injections, Romario Dos Santos Alves is really a powerful man who even have picked up a heavy bike on his arms. Here I have discussed a complete story for Romario Dos Santos Alves surgery before and after pictures. What do you say about his surgery updates? Did he really do a good job of putting his life into risk or he did wrong with himself?

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