Shin Se Kyung Plastic Surgery Before And After Rumor Pictures

South Korean actress- “Shin Se Kyung” appear on MBC on Saturday. Her new facial features were sparking plastic surgery rumors! which are officially addressed by her agency “Namoo Actors”. They told to local media Newsen about the real facts behind her face. In that report, one of the representative of agency has denied

Shin Se Kyung Plastic Surgery Before And After Rumor Pictures,

the Shin Se Kyung plastic surgery rumors.He said “Shin Se-Kyung did not get any plastic surgery”, He also told something else behind her swollen face which are disused here below. Well…, how he is true, and what are the recent changes in her face, are prominent with the analyze of her before and after photos. I suggest you to examine “Shin Se Kyung plastic surgery before and after rumors pictures”. Leave your comment too in order to make more authentic report as if she has had plastic surgery or not’?

Shin Se-Kyung was born on 29th July, 1990 in Seoul, South Korea and start appearing in “Seo Taiji” album cover in the age of eight. However; her acting breakthrough came in 2009, when she was starred in a sitcom named “High Kick Through the Roof”. From 1998 to 2009 she appear in a number of TV series and sitcoms. Till this time she was not so successful for making large following until she make her appearance in second season of the popular TV sitcom “High Kick” in 2009. Well since then to now! she has raised her name and fame as a South Korean actress, also have won the number of note-able awards due to her acting talent and natural beauty.

Shin Se Kyung Plastic Surgery Rumors

Shin Se-Kyung recent appearance on MCB has sparked plastic surgery rumors. Spectators have make conjectures about her face saying ‘’Shin has had face surgery might Cosmetic surgery, Face Lift and or Facial fillers’’ or might she has had botox or collagens. Her face skin is looking over stout and swollen that is not naturally possible. After getting repetitions of rumors her representing agency “Namoo Actor” take action on it and officially stated on local media saying

Shin Se-Kyung Agency “Namoo Actor” Has Officially Denied Her Plastic Surgery Rumors!

“Shin didn’t get any plastic surgery, instead of having scar treatment to remove them from both cheeks. She took “surgical scar removal procedure” that is much complicated then a laser procedure. During the procedure, she get knife work to get rid of scar. This treatment make her face looking swollen for a short period of time. Her swollen face sparks plastic surgery rumors, that is only speculation & conjectures but nothing else”

Along with his statement he (the Representator of Agency) also post her pictures for clarify the rumors. So; here below of this passage we are also presenting you “Shin Se Kyung Plastic Surgery Before And After Rumor Pictures” through which you can see that how beautifully she has vanished her scars from her cheeks. Also ChekKorean Celebrities Before and After plastic surgery photos

shin se kyung plastic surgery before and after rumor pictures

Shin Se Kyung plastic surgery before and after rumors pictures have been examined above. You may see that how her face is looking changed then of the previous look. Keep in touch with this page if you want to get further details about her plastic surgery, keep tuned with this page. You May Also Like “Lee Yu Bi Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose, Eyes Photos

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