Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery: Fact or Fiction?

Smokey Robinson can’t be in his 80s?! I mean, look at the man! Impressive to say the least. Has Smokey Robinson had plastic surgery, or at least Botox treatments? Its hard to think otherwise, looking at his amazing appearance despite his age. Smooth skin and limited wrinkles, handsome smile and energy like he was decades younger!

The famous American singer, songwriter and former record exec has been in the spotlight for decades. He is a warm and charismatic soul in the music industry. He has left an unforgettable mark on the world of entertainment.

When it comes to Smokey Robinson’s age-defying looks, it’s no surprise that people are curious about the secrets behind his youthful appearance. Is it a healthy lifestyle and fitness routine? Maybe a brow lift and face lift along the way? We will have a chance to see Smokey’s before and after photos, learn what he’s said about his youthful appearance. But first, a look at his amazing life and career. Lets take a look!

Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Smokey Robinson’s career highlights:

  • Founding member of The Miracles (1955): Smokey Robinson formed the Motown group The Miracles, which produced numerous hits, including “Shop Around,” “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me,” and “I Second That Emotion.”
  • Vice President of Motown Records (1960s-1970s): As a key figure at Motown, Smokey not only led The Miracles but also helped shape the careers of many iconic artists, such as The Temptations, The Supremes, and Marvin Gaye.
  • Solo career success (1970s-1980s): Smokey Robinson pursued a successful solo career after leaving The Miracles, with hits like “Cruisin'” and “Being with You.”
  • Induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1987): Smokey was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist, recognizing his significant contributions to the music industry.
  • Kennedy Center Honors (2006): Smokey Robinson was awarded the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors, celebrating his lifetime of contributions to American culture.
  • Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song (2016): Smokey received this esteemed award, which honors a living composer or performer for their lifetime contributions to popular music.
  • Continued musical performances (present): Smokey Robinson continues to perform and create new music, demonstrating his enduring passion and talent for the craft.

Smokey Robinson’s Healthy Lifestyle and Skincare Regimen

Smokey Robinson has always been known for his healthy lifestyle, which could be one of the factors contributing to his youthful appearance. He maintains a strict balanced diet, exercises regularly, and takes care of his skin. Takes a LOT of care of his skin. The question remains: has Smokey Robinson had plastic surgery?

You know, man, you got to take care of yourself. I’m a health nut. You are what you eat, drink, and breathe. So, you know, I take care of myself. – Smokey Robinson via CNN, Piers Morgan

Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery Explained

Although Smokey has never come out and confirmed any cosmetic procedures, he has mentioned using skincare products and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He values his health and appearance, you can definitely tell.

In an interview with New York Live, Smokey discussed his skincare routine and the importance of taking care of one’s skin. It’s possible that he may have undergone non-surgical treatments like Botox injections or facial collagen to maintain his smooth skin. After all, he’s in his 80s looking similar to some in their 50s!

Smokey Robinson Before and After Photos

Now this is what we came to see. How has this man held onto his good looks for decades? His skin looks smooth, with few wrinkles or signs of aging. Obviously this can be a combination of his healthy lifestyle, skincare regimen, and potential cosmetic enhancements.

Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery
Before and after – 40 years apart

Since the legend hasn’t come out and admitted anything, what we think is just pure speculation, but its an educated one. Smokey’s take on plastic surgery might be unknown, but what he’s shown over the years hints towards a few key treatments.

has smokey robinson had plastic surgery
Smokey Robinson holding onto that handsome look for so many years. Impressive!

At his age, seeing nearly zero notable wrinkles on the forehead points us torwards obvious Botox treatment. Its well-known that Botox is an easy fix to wrinkles. What do you think? Super-genes? Skin care? Botox?

smokey robinson grammys in 2010 brow lift possible
Smokey in 2010 at the Grammy’s – he’s 70 years old here!

There has also been theories that Smokey Robinson has had a brow lift. Some experts find that this, along with a face lift is very possible. A face lift procedure could give results coupled with a brow lift and Botox that explains his ever-lasting youth. Again, no outright evidence other than what we can find in pictures.

has smokey robinson had botox
Smokey Robinson here in 2020 at the age of 80!

Smokey Robinson’s Dedication to Personal Image and Healthy Looks

Smokey Robinson’s smooth and youthful skin can be attributed to his dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and personal image. Although Smokey and his wife Frances once developed a skincare brand called Skinphonic, it has since shut down. The brand had aimed to provide skincare solutions specifically designed for people of color, catering to skin tones ranging from light beige to dark brown. Despite the closure of Skinphonic, Smokey’s continued dedication to his personal image and healthy looks is evident in his well-maintained appearance even in his 80s.

Smokey Robinson’s Diet and Exercise Routine

Smokey’s healthy lifestyle plays a significant role in his youthful appearance. He follows a strict diet plan and workout regimen that keeps him fit and energetic. Some of his daily habits include:

  • Waking up early for a 1 km morning walk
  • Drinking fresh fruit juice
  • Eating a balanced breakfast with eggs, milk, and low-carb foods
  • Enjoying a vegetable salad and a cup of black tea with lemon for lunch
  • Taking a 30-45 minute nap after lunch
  • Practicing yoga in the afternoon
  • Eating a low-fat dinner with wheat bread or rice
  • Working out at the gym and using a treadmill for 10-15 minutes in the evening


What a gem! He’s living his best life, looking amazing in his 80s and still making music. Not too many icons age so well!

Now we couldn’t give you anything concrete as evidence to confirm Smokey Robinson’s plastic surgery rumors. He’s never publicly said yay or nay. But it is crystal clear that his healthy lifestyle and skincare regimen play a huge role in his appearance. Whether he has had plastic surgery or undergone cosmetic enhancements or not, Smokey Robinson’s dedication to his well-being is an inspiration for all!

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