Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

The star of the reality The Hills and sisiter of controversy stirring up Spencer Pratt also the future sister in law of Heidi Montag who loves to open surgery “Stephanie Pratt” has been accused for having some plastic surgery treatment for new season of the Hills. Alongside seeing her Trout Pout at Big Brother House Dr Richard Marques examine that Stephanie Hills has had some treatment with her face and lips that is why her face is looking slightly different then her before appearance in present made in Chelsea Series 6, 7 and 8. So here the controversy is shared with you with the adroitness of Dr Richard Marques who have claim about Stephani’s recent surgery after Rhinoplasty and Breasts augmentations. But before that what you say if we take a short look on career to make familiar her worth as a celebrity?

Stephanie Lynn Pratt born on 11th April, 1986 at Los Angeles California and attend fashion Institute of design and Merchandising for pursuing her professional career toward fashion. She is younger sister of television star Spencer Pratt and singer Heidi Montag who has admitted for her breasts implants is her future sister in law. Stephanie’s career was start in 2007 with MTV reality television series “The Hills” which she was joined after leaving the Conrad from season three and her brother Spencer Pratt present her to join the season four and she done well and gain people fame more than the Conrad and raise her name and fame as an American reality television star by her number of appearances in television in UK industry. Well now she is well known as an American television personality that has had resourceful appearances in different TV series and sows.

Stephanie Pratt  Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 

Stephanie Pratt  plastic surgery before and after pictures 2

Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery

Being the sister in law of Heidi Montag she is also suspected for following her footsteps for plastic surgeries as the first controversy was released about her nose job and breasts implants surgery in 2013. 29 years old Stephanie Pratt has been make her prominence with her natural face and till 2013 the spectators did not find any clue that can show off the work. But now after her appearance in the big brother house create haziness for her face that she might have had plastic surgery for her face and lips to enhance the attraction.

The previous works that she has had in 2013 are her nose job/ Rhinoplasty and breasts implants surgery that was determined by the comparison of her before and after photos. Spectators said that comparison between her Instagram is making it clear that she might have been treated with these surgeries.

Well now recently Stephanie is again supposed to be the victim of plastic surgery for fillers and chin implants. It is been saying on different social pages that she has kept schtum despite the dramatic change in her look since her appearance in the Hills. But Dr Richard Marques said that she might trying to hide her plastic surgery story but her face telling that it has been treated by a plastic surgeon for nose job, Breasts job, face and lip fillers. Well how the story is true is depends on the comparison between her before and after photos because yet no one have confirm report that can make it done like Heidi Montag she has had plastic surgery.

Stephanie Pratt  Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

So hence it can be said that these are only rumors about Stephanie Pratt plastic surgery because there is no any confirmation report that can make it clear that Stephanie has had plastic surgery. But stay in touch with this page as soon as we receive any further update about Stephanie Pratt plastic surgery we will share with you along her comparative before and after photos.

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