Hwang Jung Eum Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Hwang Jung Eum has been victimized with plastic surgery rumors for a long time; since she has made her official appearance in TV drama “The Person I Love” in 2007. Yes! The spectators have blown the Hwang Jung Eum’s plastic surgery rumors about her cheeks bone & chin by examining before and after photos. After the examination; they asserted on her face saying “this Korean Actress must have gone under the knife or injections” to bring changing in her appearance (especially on her face). However, Hwang Jung-eum didn’t reply against these rumors for a long time! but now recently! she has been addressed on these rumors on November, 2015 during an interview with “Entertainment Weekly”. Keep reading…. and then see the comparative photos below of the page, will make you more exact with Hwang Jung Eum Plastic Surgery  Before And After Photos.

Hwang Jung-eum born on 25th January, 1985 at Gyeonggi Province Seoul South Korea. She attended the University of Suwon and graduated in arts. Her professional career was begin as a lead vocalist in 2001 with “K-pop girl group sugar”. She left this group after four years to pursue a solo career. However, later she start appearing as a guest in an evening show “Love Letter pairing” with Kim Jong Min and make her officials debut appearance as an actress in 2007 TV drama “The Person I Love”. Since that time to yet, she has been appeared in a number of TV dramas and Variety Shows and also have won various awards with her singing and acting talent. Now recently she is appearing in a famous Korean television drama “She Was Pretty” on MBC and holding the role of Kim Hre-Jin. Now have a look down for Hwang Jung Eum plastic surgery  before and after photos.

Hwang Jung Eum Plastic Surgery  Before And After Photos

Hwang Jung Eum plastic surgery before and after photos 1

Hwang Jung Eum Plastic Surgery

Hwang Jung Eum plastic surgery rumors were about her face; communities are speculating on her face saying “she has gone under the knife or injections for facelift, botox, lip fillers and cosmetic surgery”. Hwang Jung Eum keep silent on these rumors for a couple of years, but now she has been clarify her plastic surgery rumors during an interview on “Entertainment Weekly” on November, 2015. In that interview she was asked for having cosmetic surgeries on her face or not? she replies!

“I did not get any plastic surgery even didn’t get cosmetic treatment on my chin, but still if they don’t stop rumoring about my face I guess they are envious to me because “I am pretty””

Beside this she also shared her thoughts about her marriage,to whom she want to work with, and when she want to be a mother etc. well the point is that the haziness for her face surgery has been temporally cleared, but how she is true to her plastic surgery is not confirmed. It is because you can see in her below compared then and now photos (from kill me heal and from She was pretty); her chin in left side photo was round and thick, while in recent right side photo you can see that her chin is more sharp as she might have trimmed it in V shape with the help of plastic surgery. [Also ChekKorean Celebrities Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos“]

Hwang Jung Eum plastic surgery before and after photos

Hwang Jung Eum plastic surgery has been discussed here. We also have comparison her before and after photos, and we are sure that you must have your own reviews after comparing her before and after photos. So! we invite you to leave your suggestions below in the comment’s box, if we can make more appropriate conjectures about Hwang Jung Eum plastic surgery  before and after photos. More over, you just keep in touch with this page.As soon as we get any latest news of Hwang Jung Eum plastic surgery we will share with her then and now photos.

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